Nigeria will lose nothing if an Igbo man becomes President – Ike Ekweremadu

Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu has declared that the nation will lose nothing if an Igbo man becomes President of the country. 

Talking in an interview with Daily Trust, the lawmaker who countered guarantee of force being about exchange through compromise, depicted it’s anything but something mental. He likewise pointed that the towns of the individuals who have controlled the nation are worse than that of others. 

Ekweremadu said; 

Individuals have said it openly and secretly, contentions have been brought up in this perspective, exchanges have occurred, compromises are being finished. I have not lost confidence in that incident in light of the fact that 2023 is still around the bend, however it’s left for individuals like you in the media, in the event that you see insight in the thing we’re saying, to likewise broadcast it, you push for it. At the point when individuals are shamefully treated, it’s unlikely for them to be keen on harmony. 

For an in a man house, it’ll be untrustworthy for him to place fire in that equivalent house in case you’re doing everything to ensure that your family is living respectively. What will this country lose if an Igbo man becomes president? Nothing! All that they can get is to assist with balancing out the country. Whatever happens will assist with balancing out the country. 

With the end goal of contention and measurements, the individuals who have managed this nation as presidents, do you think their towns are superior to other people? It’s something mental. The individuals who have managed this country from the south toward the north toward the west, check their towns, neighborhood governments or states; would they say they are superior to different ones? They are not! It’s a horrible idea for someone like me. It’s anything but a mental issue. In this way, we’ll lose nothing by doing that.

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